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Freedom Flight

Freedom Flight is a flight simulator based on the concept of something being freeto use for everyone, being easy to play and to give the player a sense of achivement

Tappy s a game all about timing were you tap falling blocks at the right time to gain power-ups, increase your score and climb the leaderboards

Ballaballis a game were you tilt your device to balance a bouncing ball on a plate. Every bounce gives you a point towards your score.

About Us

Spion games is an indie game company that is run by Sean Preston. A game developer with the Idea of making free games for everyone to use. The company was founded in 2014 as our first game; Freedom Flight was first put into development. We are looking for more people to work ofr or with the company so we can continue to produce games and to help make them better


Welcome to the Spion-Games website! Here, you can be the first updated on all of the news about our games. We welcome anyone to join us and help us create amazing games, because after all, its your game. Not ours